Our Guarantee  
Hi To Our Client,

We would first like to say thank you for becoming a client of Kerns and Associates Federal Tax Professionals!

It's Our Goal To Make Your Taxes Easy And Accurate, Year After Year.

"Your guarantee of our guarantee for your next years to come"

Your Head Start On Your Next Tax Year With Us:

When you come back next year, tax time will be so easy! 
We'll have all your information saved and ready to transfer in to your new return.

We'll ask you some questions about what might have changed since we last talked,
and we'll be ready to get you the credits and deductions you deserve, no matter what life throws your way.

Your Guarantee of Our Guarantee of Accuracy:

Breathe easy. The calculations on your return are backed with our 100% Accuracy Guarantee.

We Check and double checked every return for errors along the way.

We go step-by-step to get the right accuracy to every answers on the right IRS forms.
We make sure you don't miss a single credit or deduction you deserve even if something in your life has changed, like a new job, a new house or more kids!